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When it comes to selling your old car, you don’t have to wait for the right buyer to show up. Call Streamline Autos today and sell your car in just one visit. No silly questions, no negotiation and zero hassles.

Our primary goal is to ensure your convenience throughout the process. And we do that by providing doorstep valuation, on-the-spot cash payment and free towing assistance in case your car is not driveable.

We operate throughout Christchurch and surrounding areas. We buy all models and makes, and we don’t care if your car is dead or alive, has flat tyres or a broken windscreen. We will buy it for what it’s worth.

Cash for Car Christchurch

While it’s easier to find buyers for a 5-year-old well-maintained car, the struggle starts when you are trying to get rid of a car that’s been sitting in your back lawn for months. Nobody in their right mind would buy that car. But you can sell it to Streamline Autos. We are car wreckers, and it’s our job to buy and scrap unwanted cars across Christchurch. 

So give us a call and consider your car sold, regardless of its condition.

Used Car Parts Christchurch

We make the most of every car that we buy, in terms of recycling. Before putting it under the hydraulic press, we remove parts that are in fairly working condition and sell them to car owners at a discounted price.

If you need a specific part for your car but don’t quite have the budget or intent to buy brand new, Streamline Autos has got you covered. Whether you need a set of wheels, radiator, steering column, suspension set-up, body panel or upholstery, you can buy it from Streamline Autos at a fraction of the sticker price. All parts that we sell are genuine and quality checked to give you maximum peace of mind and value for money.

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