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Putting up classifieds and meeting potential buyers is one way to sell your old car, but do you have to go through all this hassle? Streamline Autos helps you sell your old car in a snap. We buy anything that moves on four wheels and offer top dollars regardless of its condition.

Being one of the leading car wreckers in Porirua and surrounding suburbs, you can reach us anytime to enquire about the car you want to sell. Or how about we come over to assess your car and offer the best price quote?

Streamline Autos makes on-the-spot cash payment and follows environmentally friendly practices to wreck and dismantle your car. You get the best price along with a peace of mind that your dying car will pose no harm to the environment.

Cash For Cars & Auto Dismantlers Porirua

Streamline Autos is a locally owned and operated car wrecker in Porirua, with an advanced wrecking facility where cars are dismantled for spare parts and the rest is crumbled into a metal ball, which is recyclable. This also means that we don’t care whether your car is functional or not, we’d still buy it.
Our auto dismantling facility is a short-drive from Porirua. But if you have an old car that is no longer roadworthy, you don’t have to drive it down to our facility. We’ll come to you at a time that suits you. Our friendly car wreckers in Porirua will assist you every step of the way.

Do you have questions regarding selling your old car? Feel free to ask. Our experts will give you every market insight and detailed evaluation of your car, to help you make an informed decision. After all, an informed customer is a happy customer.

Used Car Parts in Porirua

Looking for genuine, refurbished car parts in Porirua? Your search ends right here at Streamline Autos. We offer a wide range of used car parts with 100% fitment guarantee and a 6-month warranty on select parts.

We understand that maintaining an old car can be cumbersome and expensive in the long run. To help you reduce the cost, we offer used car parts with up to 60% off on the sticker price. All parts that we sell are quality checked for your peace of mind and are mostly refurbished so that it can last a long time.

We have car parts for various makes and models, including Volkswagen, Hyundai, Honda, Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Holden to name a few. From mechanical parts to electronic assemblies and body panels, we have everything that you may be looking for.

Give us a call to enquire about the specific part that you need, and get a price estimate and part confirmation right away.

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Car Wreckers Porirua

Letting your old car rust at home is not a good idea. There is no benefit and it takes up a lot of space. At Streamline Auto Buyers, we offer car wrecking in Porirua. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have or if it is undrivable, if you have a car for sale, we will buy it. Anything that runs on 4 wheels and offers good value fulfills our interests. At Streamline Auto Buyers, we have a well-equipped wrecking facility where we dismantle old cars for spare parts. After every useful part is taken out, we turn the car into a recyclable metal ball. Therefore, it doesn’t matter if your car is working or undrivable, we will buy it and we will dismantle it.

Get Top Cash for Your Car in Porirua

Do you think that your old car is a waste and should be dumped in a scrapyard? Well, we have got news for you. Bring your car to us at Streamline Auto Buyers, and if you cannot, we will do it for you. At Streamline Auto Buyers, we will dismantle your car for spare parts and turn the remaining into a metal ball that is recyclable. So, even if your car is in an undrivable state, we will make sure to make the most out of it. Rest assured that we will offer you the maximum value for your car making this decision of yours the most practical choice. We strive for customer satisfaction above all else.




Contact us at Streamline Auto Buyers if you want to sell your old car. We will dismantle the car for spare parts and turn the remaining into a metal ball that is recyclable. Our expert mechanics will estimate your old car's value and offer you the maximum amount that you can get for your old car.

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We are the number one Car Wreckers in Wellington with the best trucks, equipment and most professional and friendly staff.

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