Renault Car Parts in Wellington

Are you looking for affordable parts for your Renault car? No matter which model you drive, we will source the part with exact specifications you need. When you buy from us, you don’t have to leave your comfort zone. You can place your order over the phone and have the part shipped to your address at the earliest.

Streamline Autos is a car wrecking facility in Wellington. We buy old, unwanted cars nearly every day, and we have a separate section for Renault cars as well. As soon as a Renault car arrives for scraping, it is dismantled to take out functional parts, which we resell to buyers at an affordable price.

Whether you need a throttle body, radiator, a couple of hoses, tyres, side mirror, headlamps or even the whole engine, give us a call to get the part’s details along with a price quote.

Used Renault Spare Parts in Wellington

Maintaining an old car can get really expensive with frequent repairs coming up. You might throw these expenses on the credit card to spread the financial burden thin, but should you be really bearing high expenses just to keep that old car alive? You don’t have to.

For instance, you broke one of the headlamps of your old car in an accident. Now installing a new headlamp next to the older one would be a mismatch as well as an unnecessary expense. Whereas installing an older headlamp will not only blend in perfectly but will also save your dollars.

Streamline Autos is always here for you with an affordable alternative to help you save money whilst enjoying the peace of mind.

We offer used Renault spare parts in Wellington at a fraction of the cost of the new part. While we aim to help our customers save money, we also make sure they are fully informed and satisfied with the part before buying it.

Give us a call or leave a message to enquire about the part you are looking for. In case the part is not available at the moment, we can source it for you upon request.

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Areas We Cover:

We are the number one Car Wreckers in Wellington with the best trucks, equipment and most professional and friendly staff.

We are also well known for being number one Car Wreckers Lower Hutt, Car Wreckers Upper Hutt, Car Wreckers Porirua and Car Wreckers Paraparaumu.

We also represent ourselves as:

  • Car Wreckers Palmerston North
  • Car Wreckers Kapiti
  • Car Wreckers Otaki
  • Car Wreckers Levin,
  • Car Wreckers Shannon
  • Car Wreckers Foxton
  • Car Wreckers Masterton
  • Car Wreckers Martinborough
  • Car Wreckers Eketahuna
  • Car Wreckers Featherston.

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