Holden Car Wreckers

Professional Holden Car Wreckers

If your old Holden car has run its course and is no longer needed in the family, sell it to us before it further loses its value. We are professional Holden car wreckers serving the entire Wellington and surrounding suburbs.

Whether it’s Holden Commodore, Colorado, Astra hatch or any other model, let us know whenever you are ready to sell it. We will show up at your doorstep for a quick valuation and provide you with a price quote. If you accept our offer, we will remove your unwanted Holden vehicle from your property for free after making full cash payment.

Holden Used Car Parts in Wellington

After General Motors pulled out its Holden brand from New Zealand, a good number of Holden owners started selling their cars. And we made plenty of purchases in the past year. As a result, we have a huge inventory of used parts for Holden cars that are still on the road.

If you are looking for a used Holden car part, be it a radiator, suspension strut, EPS module or any other mechanical or electronic part, chances are you will find it here at Streamline Autos at a heavily discounted price. Call now to enquire.

Why Streamline Autos is Best for Holden Car Parts

Spending a lot of money on brand new parts to fix your old car makes no sense. Purchasing used parts at a significantly lower and more affordable cost would be the optimal option. Streamline Autos are one of the best Holden wreckers in Wellington providing spare parts at reasonable prices with up to 90% of their original shelf life. We guarantee the lowest price, whether you are looking for a new or used Holden part. We have a team of Holden wreckers in NZ who are experts at evaluating old Holden models to ensure the seller gets the best price possible. We don’t want you to sell your car for a low price due to only one faulty part. Before each part is shipped to a customer, our experts inspect it. Furthermore, to protect the environment, we use eco-friendly practices when dismantling cars and recycling usable car parts to reduce waste and increase profit for both us and our customers. We not only save you time but also the hassle by taking care of the paperwork and paying in cash in full on the spot.

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