Japanese Car Wrecking Services in Wellington

Japanese cars, such as a Honda or a Toyota, are easy to dismantle and scrap as compared to German vehicles. If you have an old Japanese car that has been rendered unfit for driving, we’d love to buy it from you. We are one of the leading Japanese car wreckers in Wellington that buy old, unwanted cars at the best price.

When your old car finally gives up on life, you can still sell it for cash to Streamline Autos. Give us a call to arrange an on-site assessment of your car. Our experts will evaluate your car, and you will be provided with a price quote on the spot.

We will remove your car safely should you agree upon the price quote. Also, there are no additional towing charges. And the good news is we’ll handle the paperwork so you don’t have to leave your comfort zone.

Genuine Japanese Car Parts in Wellington

When it comes to repairing a Japanese car, replacing the part is always more convenient than fixing it. Not only are Japanese parts affordable but they are also easily available at Streamline Autos.

In case you need spare parts or accessories for your Toyota, Honda or any Japanese car, speak to one of our experts to enquire about the same. We are confident to provide genuine Japanese car parts at an affordable price. You could opt for a brand new part, or go for refurbished parts should you wish to save some dollars.

Get in touch with us today to enquire about the spare part you need or the car you wish to sell for top dollar. We are happy to help.

Japanese Car Wreckers

It’s already established that Japanese cars are easier to dismantle, but Streamline Autos, being one of Wellington’s most well-known car wreckers, would say that repairing Japanese cars is better to replace than repair. If you require Japanese auto parts or accessories for your Toyota, Honda, or any other Japanese vehicle, please contact one of our experts. We are confident to be able to provide genuine Japanese car parts at a reasonable price. You have the option of purchasing a brand new part or refurbished parts if you want to save money. We have an expert team of Japanese car wreckers who will thoroughly examine your unwanted Japanese car, of whichever model, and give you the most reasonable price. Call us for the quote.

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Areas We Cover:

We are the number one Car Wreckers in Wellington with the best trucks, equipment and most professional and friendly staff.

We are also well known for being number one Car Wreckers Lower Hutt, Car Wreckers Upper Hutt, Car Wreckers Porirua and Car Wreckers Paraparaumu.

We also represent ourselves as:

  • Car Wreckers Palmerston North
  • Car Wreckers Kapiti
  • Car Wreckers Otaki
  • Car Wreckers Levin,
  • Car Wreckers Shannon
  • Car Wreckers Foxton
  • Car Wreckers Masterton
  • Car Wreckers Martinborough
  • Car Wreckers Eketahuna
  • Car Wreckers Featherston.

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