Safety is the most important thing that you need to keep in mind while you are driving your car. Whenever you plan a trip or a vacation and you are travelling in your car, you would want to be assured that you and your family are safe throughout the journey.

Car manufacturers develop cars keeping in mind the safety of people and the parts are thoroughly tested to ensure that they don’t fall apart while driving or when they are put under any kind of unusual pressure. 

To continue with the same kind of safety, it is imperative to ensure that the car spare parts you use are genuine. Many times people use parts that are not genuine or readily available, in order to save a few bucks. However, such people don’t understand they might be risking their safety and the safety of their loved ones.

All of us know everything cannot be repaired. The same is true for auto parts. Sometimes, they need to be replaced. Replacing auto parts with genuine parts is highly recommended. 

For getting the auto parts replaced all of us rely on reputed and established automotive parts suppliers, as they will only recommend the best and the genuine auto parts. 

Alternatively, you can also buy genuine used car parts, which can also bring down your repair expenses. A trusted car parts seller will be 100% genuine and will only sell car parts that are still worthy of daily, rigorous use. Car parts in Christchurch sold by genuine sellers are affordable and are 100% genuine.

All the genuine auto parts are tested to maintain a lifetime of reliability so that you can drive comfortably and with absolute peace of mind. 

Still need more reasons to only stick to genuine spare parts? Here are some:

1)  Best Quality

When you buy something that is of the best quality, you automatically develop confidence and security while using it. The same goes for genuine auto parts. 

These parts are built in the same (or a similar) factory and in the same production lines where your car was once produced. It means that when you buy genuine parts you are buying a part that was specifically made for your car. The part fits your car efficiently and won’t create any issues later.

2)  Durability

Choosing only genuine parts will ensure you don’t have to replace the spare parts again and again. This is because genuine parts are usually incredibly durable, and often far more long-lasting than their aftermarket counterparts. 

The best part is that genuine parts are covered by a guarantee or a warranty. 

Thus, buying genuine parts will save you time that you might spend looking for parts for your car. Genuine parts will help your car stand the test of time. The genuine parts of work as long as the car’s original parts.

3)  Safety

Your safety while driving is of utmost importance, thus using genuine and original parts for your car is very crucial. When you buy fake parts, you put your life and the life of your loved ones in danger, along with the lives of the people on road. 

We know, fake parts are easily available and are even cheaper, but have you ever thought about how unsafe it is to put them in your car?

4)  Made especially for your Car

Every car is designed differently and with different specifications and requirements. To match these specs, every car manufacturer prefers an appropriate automobile spare parts manufacturer who manufactures genuine parts. Therefore, every car model has a different genuine part manufacturer. We recommend you use genuine parts that are made only for your car.

5)  Fit Well and are Tested

Genuine parts keep your car running reliably and exterior replacements also make your car look good. Moreover, genuine parts are tested to prove their safety and reliability. Car manufacturers are required by law to conduct transparent tests and make the results publicly available. 


There is a possibility that non-genuine parts are fitted on your vehicle without your knowledge. To avoid such a situation, we advise sourcing the genuine parts only through the car manufacturers’ authorised supply chain. Using genuine parts will also help you save money as you will not have to constantly get the parts changed or replaced. 

Choose a seller who sells only genuine parts or pick from the list of authorised dealers provided by the car manufacturer. Non-genuine parts will never promise the same quality and safety attributes that are promised by genuine parts suppliers.

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