So, you want to sell your old car and get the maximum money from it.

Well, that’s the reason, you have reached here, looking to know about professional car wreckers!

Not only does choosing a reliable wrecker help you get rid of unwanted scrap metal out of your garage, but it can also help you get the maximum cash in hand.

Though you might have heard of these expert wrecking companies, you always need to find out the best ones in terms of their services, reliability, cost, authenticity, and more.

Choosing the right car-wrecking company isn’t a cakewalk. While everyone claims to be the best, selecting the right one may seem like a real headache.

Don’t sweat it out! Listed below are the tips for choosing professional car wreckers in Wellington.

  1. Conduct Thorough Research 

When you are on the lookout for the best car wrecking professional, always do complete research to find the right one. Start your search with “Google” to simply list out the names of reliable wreckers in your area. Then, check their respective website and reviews to filter your search. The best way to begin your research is to go through their reviews section on Google and their social media platforms. Companies with good reviews will be a good sign that they offer the best quality wrecking services from start to finish. On the flip side, if any wrecking company has a lot of negative reviews, then move on to the next one without thinking twice.

  1. Check Their License & Certifications 

The company you choose should have a genuine license and certification so that you can have peace of mind they are authentic. If the company, however, is not genuine, then they might not give you enough money and also wreck your car illegally while degrading the environment. To avoid running into problems, ask for their license number and contact local authorities to ensure they are legally registered. Remember a licensed and genuine wrecking company will ensure your vehicle will be wrecked using safe and environmental-friendly practices. On the other hand, if the company is not showing you any certification or license, it’s a sheer red flag and you should avoid them immediately.

  1. Prioritise Their Location 

Another major reason to consider while choosing a car wrecking company is their office location. No matter how genuine or good a wrecker is, you will not take your car 100 miles away to reach the wreckage location. Not only it will consume significant time but it can also increase the overall cost. Ensure the wrecking company you choose should be close to your residence (not more than 5 miles away). It will ensure hassle-free pick up of your vehicle while saving you both time and money. To find a nearby wreckage yard, simply put on your detective hat and start a “Google” search to know about their location and check how far it is from your residence.

  1. Consider Cash Payments 

Lastly, if you don’t want to run into problems, you should take the amount in cash. There are chances that the bank checks may get bounced, creating a hassle for both parties. Remember those genuine car wreckers will always pay the amount in cash. If any company is not willing to send payments in cash, there could be phony and you should avoid running into such traps. With cash in hand, you don’t need to wait for bank transfers.

  1. Visit the Location 

When you are finding the right car wrecker, ensure you check their location and meet them in person to know more about them and the way they perform operations. To avoid hassle, you can fix your appointment with them and then meet them to ask the questions that you have in your mind. Visiting the location will help you understand a lot about their etiquette, manners, and behaviour with each other and complete paperwork. Even if you find an attractive deal over the call, make sure you still visit their office location.

  1. Compare Quotes 

Once you have visited many wrecking companies in your area, it’s time to get a rough estimate from all of them. When you have multiple quotes, you will not be confused and thus, you will make the right decision. Though considering the profit is important, you should not overlook other important factors like their office location, mode of payment, license and certifications, moral conduct, and more. With such factors in mind, you will not make a mistake and go with a quote that suits your budget and wrecking needs.

  1. Browse Their Services 

There is no denying that a good wrecking company offers a multitude of services. The best thing about these professional wreckers is that they also offer towing services. In case your vehicle is quite far from the wreckage yard, you can easily make use of their towing service so that you won’t have to spend on petrol or hire another professional to transport your vehicle. Furthermore, some wreckers also provide trade-in services. If you want to trade your four-wheeler for a better model, then you can simply ask for it. If there’s something available, then they will easily give it to you or ask you to put in some extra cash.

  1. Go Through Their Policy and Conditions 

Lastly, before visiting the yard, ensure you meet them in person and go through their terms and conditions properly to avoid running into legal hassles later. Checking their policy is incredibly important, especially when it comes to making payments. Some wreckers do bank transfers instead of cash. If you want instant cash, ask them in advance or read their terms and conditions.


So, there you have it! Always consider these tips to ensure you find the best car wrecking company that offer good cash amount and hassle-free wrecking solutions.

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