Is your old car just sitting there, collecting dust and taking up space? Maybe you went ahead with an update or maybe you simply don’t want to drive the car. However, your old, car, even if it doesn’t work, can be put to better use.

Do you know your old car can be sold as scrap and you can get paid in cash for the same? Yes, you read it right, you can sell your scrap car and earn money.

Your car is made up of material that can be used again. Thus, you will get paid for selling your old car to scrap car wreckers. Nowadays, many scrap car wreckers in Wellington will be ready to buy your car for instant cash. 

Most scrapers employ environmentally friendly ways to dismantle your car and they even recycle functional parts. This process ensures minimum wastage of the material, reduces the strain on our environment, and makes some sweet cash for you.

Do you know when to get rid of your old car?

 You need to change with time and so does your car. Buy a car that will fit your present-day lifestyle. Here are a few signs that tell you that it is time to let your old car go:

  •       When your car starts showing signs of excessive rust. In old cars, signs of rust can be found near the fuel tank, fuel lines, and brake lines (this can lead to brake failure or rust can cause fuel leaks). If your car frame starts rusting, it may be very unsafe to drive.
  •       When your car repair starts becoming heavy on your pocket or the repair bill is more than the value of your car, it’s time to get rid of it. If your car is of an older model, many parts will become very difficult to find as the manufacturer may have stopped producing them
  •       If you find yourself with a car mechanic every second day, even if it’s not an expensive visit, it’s time to part ways with your old car. Calculate how much you have invested in car repair in the last year, and think about whether you are still willing to continue doing so.

       A shaky and rough ride along with constant scary car noises is a sign either you change your car, or be ready to shell out money for a major car repair bill.

  •       Older cars have old safety features. If you are concerned about your safety on the road, driving an old car may not be the best idea. New cars come with the latest and modern technology with improved safety features. New cars have secure seat belts and airbags, which are missing in the old cars.
  •       Every time you go on a drive, your experience deteriorates. You see parts falling off of your car. When this happens, it is safe to assume that your car is no longer safe to drive. 

How To Sell Your Car As Scrap?

So, now you have finally decided to hand over your car to scrap car wreckers for that extra money. You just need a smartphone to search for nearby scrap yards along with your photo ID or driver’s license.

  •       Car wreckers provide free car removal facility to safely remove your old car from your garage. Search for local scrap yards or nearby car wreckers. Contact them and provide all the details of the vehicle you wish to sell, like make and model and any damage the car may have. The person at the scrap yard will ask several questions about the vehicle and answer them truthfully.
  •       The person at the scrap yard will make you an offer based on the details you have provided. Never trust someone who insists on bringing your car for an estimate. This will increase the cost of selling your vehicle.
  •       Don’t just speak to one car wrecker, call as many as you can to get maximum offers. This will help you in comparing the offers and the cost you have been presented. Think about the extra cost you might incur if you have to deliver your car and then finalize the deal.
  •       Remove all your belongings from the car.
  •       The car wrecker rep will inspect your vehicle. If everything goes fine you will get the money that was offered to you.
  •       Do not forget to cancel registration before selling.


If somehow your old car is not in movable condition, then, in that case, look only for car wreckers who provide free car removals. Do your own diligence about who you want to sell the car to and if the amount they are paying for your vehicle is fair. Sell only when you are completely satisfied. No matter which car you own, car wreckers will buy any make and model.

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